Boca West Children’s Foundation Granted $2.2 million To Local Kids’ Charities During Fiscal Year

Boca West Children’s Foundation Granted $2.2 million To Local Kids’ Charities During Fiscal Year

A record $2.2 million was granted to local kids’ charities during the 2021-22 fiscal year by Boca West Children’s Foundation. Highlights from the year, which ended September 30, included its 10th Annual Golf Challenge in April, which broke fundraising and attendance numbers, the inaugural “Walk the Walk” in December, and the annual raffle program.

The funds were granted to the Foundation’s more than 30 charity partners. In addition to the funds raised, the Foundation donated 45,000 volunteer hours as well as 180,000 diapers, along with cribs and beds for babies and other essential items for families in need.

“This is truly historic and remarkable,” said Pamela Weinroth, Executive Director of the Foundation. “This is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our board, Boca West members, and supporters in the community that we were able to raise record dollars in a year with an array of obstacles.”

Richard Zenker, Chairman of Boca West Children’s Foundation Board, said “The funds we grant to our charity partners directly help children and families in need, from providing backpacks with food, to diapers, beds, aftercare, tutoring, summer and sports camps, counseling, college scholarships, and so much more. Despite some challenges over the last couple of years, so many good and caring people came together and kept our focus on helping the children.”

Boca West Children’s Foundation grants exceed $16 million over its twelve years of operation. These grants benefit more than 30 organizations that assist at-risk children and their families in Palm Beach County. Visit for more information.

About Boca West Children’s Foundation
The Boca West Foundation was launched in 2010 and came about as a desire by the thousands of volunteers from the Boca West Country Club to give back to children in Palm Beach County. The Foundation’s mission is to identify and fund projects to assist children and their families in need in the area.  Since its inception, the Foundation hasgranted more than $16 million for specific programs for more than 30 charities.