Positive publicity, social media savvy, and relationship-building community outreach – our services are tailored to meet your communications needs.


Our team of PR pros has rock-solid experience, shared goals and non-stop commitment to our clients. We drive client messages, promote with thoughtful tenacity, create awareness and craft relevant and newsworthy story angles that resonate.


As a strategic partner and go-to-source for local, regional and national journalists, we help our clients successfully connect to and with their audiences. We have a reputation for being honest and fair in every way, from pitching and generating media coverage to fostering relationships where TBA and our clients do business.


Charitable outreach for TBA and our clients is very important. Our participation comes from a rooted desire to do good in our community and beyond.


We get the value of social media. We also understand today’s networked culture and how people consume and interact with content.


TBA skillfully tells our clients’ stories on a number of digital platforms to drive the narratives that increase visibility, influence and reputation. We’re able to reach the audience that matters most to our clients through powerful communication and PR strategies that pair traditional media with social media.


Our team continues to build relationships with journalists and bloggers to further the impact our clients hope to make, while also keeping up-to-date on social media platforms and technologies.


Living and working in Florida for 25+ years has enabled our team to cultivate relationships with key influencers throughout the region.


We are connected, and we know how to connect.


From business leaders, government officials, philanthropists, vendors, charities, influencers, and, of course, the press, our collective network is second to none.


Whether it’s through event activations, grassroots outreach initiatives, or just a simple introduction to someone in our network, we’ve got you covered.