The Buzz Team Needs YOU for SFBJ’s #SocialMadness

The Buzz Team Needs YOU for SFBJ’s #SocialMadness

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       TBA Team

Here’s a little more about our agency’s social media strategies and practices. The Buzz Agency’s social media strategy is two-fold. First, it serves as an outlet for additional exposure for our clients to promote their upcoming events, press coverage we have secured for them and other interesting industry-related news that would appeal to our followers. Second, it serves as a tool to build exposure of The Buzz Agency brand, while demonstrating our agency’s strategic social media capabilities to potential and current clients. A well thought-out social media strategy can build a positive presence and increase a client’s visibility to a worldwide audience, enhance the “know, like, and trust” factor to prospects, and cultivate relationships with existing customers.  We pride ourselves on quality over quantity, as well as making sure we spotlight all our clients and never “favor” one over the other on social networks. We don’t post or tweet simply for the sake of doing so or as a “hard sell.” We publish information that our followers can actually use.