Guide to the Perfect PR Interview Outfit

Guide to the Perfect PR Interview Outfit

By: Laura Tolliver


Your palms are sweaty as you constantly re-check your appearance in the mirror. You ask yourself, “Does this outfit work?” Job interviews can produce a lot of jitters and the last thing you want is to experience the horrific, insecure feeling of being underdressed or even over-dressed. The Buzz ladies are here to offer some essential advice on how you can channel your inner-Vogue style to piece together an outfit that will surely boost your confidence. 


  1. Pencil it in

This doesn’t just apply to your busy schedule! Pencil skirts can do wonders for a woman’s confidence. This chic, form-fitting style of skirt (of course, at an appropriate length!) can give you an added boost of feminine strength that will make you a force to be reckoned with. Pair your pencil skirt with a professional blouse and blazer for a polished look.

The store, Express, is the candy land of pencil skirts. At Express, you will find a vast selection of pencil skirts at appropriate lengths. Not sure what length constitutes as too short? If it’s above your knees, you guessed it, it’s too short!


  1. Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!

It’s no secret that business clothes are pricey but the trick is to shop at the right times to maximize your savings. Pulling together business outfits on an extremely slim budget may seem impossible but it’s definitely achievable. You can create swanky outfits that don’t break the bank by transforming into a hawk and watching the sales like your life depends on it. It may sound taxing but you have to keep a watchful eye because stores often have amazing flash sales that last mere hours.

Is your schedule too busy to frequently stroll through clothing websites? Subscribe to their email newsletter instead. Many stores, such as H&M and Express, announce their flash sales to their email subscribers.


  1. Accessorize with caution

Accessories are lovely but also extremely risky. Accessories can either enhance an outfit or completely obliterate it. Ladies with professional outfits can ruin their entire ensemble with a gaudy necklace or impossibly high heels that overpower their entire look. Watches and earrings are the two accessories that you can’t go wrong with. The watch you wear to an interview should be a non-distracting color, such as black, gold or nude. Avoid wearing watches with sequins or any sort of bedazzle. Stick to small diamond or pearl earrings. If you just absolutely love hoops, keep them small and classy. Any other accessories are questionable and should be avoided.


  1. Play it safe (Less is more!)

There’s nothing worse than showing up to an interview inappropriately dressed. You will feel the tension instantly as you shift uncomfortably in your seat and fiddle with your sleeves.

Don’t over-do and become so fixated on your outfit that you forget to be mentally prepared to ace your interview. Ultimately, the point of a job interview is to land the job! In your attempt to rock a fabulous look, don’t lose sight of why you’re being interviewed in the first place. If you have to question any aspect of your look, nix it. Confidence is essential and if you’re uncomfortable with your outfit, your interviewer will surely notice.

Your outfit will certainly help you make a phenomenal presentation, but your outfit alone won’t get you the job. Don’t let your outfit steal the show. Allow your outfit to enhance and help bring out your equally dashing personality.

Remember, first impressions are make-or-break moments. An outfit can say a million words. Make sure your outfit tells the story of a gorgeous, irresistibly professional PR go-getter that is ready to take on the world with impeccable style!