So Long, Snapchat? Instagram rounds up a possible TKO

So Long, Snapchat? Instagram rounds up a possible TKO

Dueling it out in the digital world, Instagram and Snapchat have relentlessly gone head-to-head, adding new features that will appeal to their users. Instagram took cyber world by storm and Snapchat quickly became the new, yet successful kid on the block. Because they offered a different range of features, both platforms were something that the social-savvy crowd just had to have!

Since Instagram’s initial release in 2010 and Snapchat’s a year later, both have evolved. For better or for worse? Well that depends on your point of view. Instagram’s algorithm change to users’ feeds caused quite the uproar and when Snapchat changed the settings of their Stories from giving users the option to choose which Stories they watched to showing all friends’ Stories in a slideshow reel, they felt the heat.

Then, Instagram made a move in what would eventually become a war of platforms. In August 2016, they introduced Instagram Stories, which was eerily similar to Snapchat. In November, Instagram announced a new feature allowing users to send disappearing photos and videos to followers very much like…yep, you guessed it – Snapchat.

Snapchat kicked it up a notch by creating Spectacles, making “snapping” hands-free. Somewhat stylish shades, users can record video and add to their story through the app. Both platforms added ads by influential brands and added a few more changes along the way, including multiple photos and videos in one post (Instagram) and 3D World Lenses (Snapchat).

But it’s the latest move by Instagram that has caused a virtual frenzy.

The platform just rolled out filters and “Rewind” features, now allowing users to include face filters and to make videos play in reverse. It also now offers new drawing tools and a hashtag sticker that lets users create their own Story hashtags. While Snapchat has continued to thrive, the platform has recently seen a decrease in user growth hitting only 166 million daily active users compared to Instagram Stories’ 200 million daily active users.

While the latest Instagram news is still hot off the press, many wonder if Snapchat will recover from the blow.

We’re not too sure of that answer, but we’ll be watching…and posting!