The Redhead Project: Buzz Bella Style

The Redhead Project: Buzz Bella Style

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! A day of all things green, pots of gold, beer, and redheads. Here at The Buzz Agency, there is one particular redhead that stands out-Rachel Mills.

Mills is one of only 11 Floridians to be photographed in January by New York City-based photographer, Keith Barraclough. According to Barraclough’s website, “each photo shoot is a collaborative process resulting in portraits that reflect the subject’s personality and style.”

Mills is a neat freak, runner, self-proclaimed nerd and girly girl; so she used clothes and items to reflect each facet of her personality.

“The photo shoot starts off with something white, without makeup,” Mills explained. “Keith wants to capture the way red hair and light eyes pop in photos. Then you can show your character.”

Redheads like Mills can thank the MC1R gene for their fiery locks. In order for an individual to have red hair, they need two copies of the gene, making copper-hued hair extremely rare. In fact, less than 2% of the world’s population has red hair.

“I’m the only redhead in my family. My parents both have brown hair. I definitely stand out in family photos,” Mills said.

Mills ginger strands also stand out in her photos from The Redhead Project.

However, Mills does not stand out at The Buzz Agency. Team members Elizabeth Grace and Lauren Hills are also natural redheads and Hills also participated in The Redhead Project in the fall of 2015.

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