Intern Confidential: Jacquelyn Smith

My name is Jacquelyn Smith, and I am a rising senior public relations student at the University of Florida (Go, Gators!) and The Buzz Agency's intern.

Intern Confidential: Jacquelyn Smith

intern-jacquelyn-smithMy name is Jacquelyn Smith, and I am a rising senior public relations student at the University of Florida (Go, Gators!) and The Buzz Agency‘s intern.

Finding the perfect summer internship can be as much of a crapshoot as winning the lottery. This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at TBA – an award-winning, South Florida-based public relations, social media, and community relations firm. I joined TBA team during a time of extensive growth. TBA acquired a new firm in Palm Beach, which included obtaining an additional office space and many new clients.

As an aspiring PR professional, you hope for an experience that will both stimulate your intellect and cultivate your professional development. When I entered the office on my first day I was greeted with friendly smiles, positive attitudes and a beautiful bouquet of red roses. I knew from this uniquely warm first impression that I was in for an experience that would strike that perfect balance.

Throughout my time at TBA I was treated as a valued member of the team. My voice mattered. I was fortunate enough to be able to work across the departments, and by doing so, I gained insight into a holistic approach to public relations from seasoned practitioners.

My day-to-day tasks as an intern were diverse and exposed me to many different components of agency life. Writing press releases, performing media outreach, attending client meetings and securing editorial placement on behalf of clients were just a few of the tasks on the menu. I was also able to dabble in the social media world, developing content for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I even was asked to go on site for some of the clients’ television segments.

I was able to gain hands-on experience in the field as well as a comprehensive understanding of what agency life entails on a daily basis. I was surrounded by people who encouraged me to ask questions and were there to help me when I was unsure about how to do something. I was inspired by the work ethic that each one of my coworkers possessed. A creative, collaborative and heartfelt spirit radiates throughout TBA. At the beginning of the summer I craved more exposure to the field and now, looking back, I could not have asked for more patient, kind teachers to give me just that. I have had an unforgettable summer experience and my public relations ambitions are more alive now than ever before!