Getting Social at SunFest with Zignal Labs

Getting Social at SunFest with Zignal Labs

For the past three years, The Buzz Agency has worked with SunFest, Florida’s largest outdoor music festival, to generate excitement and activity in the social media sphere before, during and after the event.  As with any communications campaign, there’s a learning curve in finding out what resonates best with your digital audience, and how to maximize reach and engagement for a brand. This year, the team worked with Zignal Labs to assist in harnessing analytics and understanding who was saying what about the festival. In addition to Zignal Labs, the team utilized Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Sprout Social and overall personal observations, which all played an important role in shaping the campaign’s success, and developing building blocks for future campaigns. Below are tools and stats that painted a picture of our social media audience for SunFest 2015, with the help of Zignal Labs. 1. Zignal Labs’ Word Cloud:  This was a very interactive and visual tool. It pulled top words that were included in chatter across social media and the Internet. Even better, when each word was clicked on, it hyperlinked and showed where the mentions were from. One of the trends we noted came from the chatter of SunFest featured musician, Bea Miller. Though she was not a headliner, or even performing at prime time, the social media mentions exceeded mentions from more well-known artists.


2. Zignal Labs’ Sentiment Tracker: One of the most unique features of Zignal Labs was to track the overall sentiment (positive, negative & neutral) of the SunFest brand and event. Zignal Labs uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to track sentiment. It’s basically an evolving algorithm that is looking for keywords in an article and scoring them. Every once in a while it terms that were positive were construed as negative. This was a quick fix since we had the ability to manually re-categorize and save the mentions as positive in the system. 3. Zignal Labs’ Mentions: Zignal Labs provided the ability to track key words and “official” hashtags for the festival. Some of the tracked terms were artist/band names, stage sponsors or other common phrases that were associated with SunFest. This enabled us to present visual graphs of the number of mentions of sponsors, as well as specific hashtags associated with each. It also showed what was being said about which of the headliners and when and where those mentions were found – whether it was on Twitter or a news article. It helped compare popularity across social channels of artists. Unlike Twitter analytics or other programs we have used in the past, it gave us the total number of mentions for #SunFestFL, the official hashtag. This was a valuable statistic in our final summary of the campaign and a solid resource for future years.

Overall April 29 - May 3

4. Top Notch Service & Team: The team at Zignal Labs is beyond great, providing truly top-notch customer service. They set everything up on the backend quickly and accurately, and they provided a thoughtful, customized experience for our client. ZIgnal Labs offers full training sessions, and are available to help troubleshoot, or even offer suggestions throughout the campaign, to maximize the platform and functions. 5. Custom Reports: Zignal excels in the visual department. For SunFest we created a customized report that enabled us to pull in the stats and categories that were needed. We ran reports before, during and after the festival to compare number of mentions, time of mentions and when coverage peaked and how sentiment shifted. Being able to run a report for social media analytics and then a report for traditional media coverage was quite valuable to distinguish the two. The Buzz Agency has found that by combining various tools as we did with Zignal Labs, Sprout Social, Facebook Insights and Twitter analytics, we were able to create the most comprehensive and accurate reporting for our client. And be sure to read the case study to learn more from Zignal labs.