The Many Styles of The Buzz Agency

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.”- Coco Chanel

The Many Styles of The Buzz Agency


buzz-stopBy Gabrielle Berment

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.”- Coco Chanel

If you’re a fashionista like me, working in an all-female office definitely has its perks. One of them is the chance to see all of the creative ways the ladies at The Buzz Agency embrace their personality through a diverse sense of style. Here’s a quick rundown of our Bellas and their personal fashion faves.

Liz is almost always in a sleeveless, tailored dress, and says she prefers “dresses over pants any day!” We can always count on her for bold colors to brighten the day, and always with a cute pair of wedges.

Julie would prefer to wear cowboy boots and blue jeans every day, though it’s not exactly conducive to the warm, Florida weather. A Diane von Furstenberg-style wrap dress is her most favorite second choice with a nice pair of Sam Edelman heels.

Debbie embodies a classic Southern Belle style, but with a bit of a business twist. Kate Spade tops her favorite designer list, and if she could wear pink everyday, she most definitely would!

Heading up the Palm Beach office, Enid’s selection always features the classic, conservative style found on the island. She styles it with a pop of contemporary jewelry to personalize the elegant look.

For Richalyn, it’s one step at a time… in high heels that is! Pick a heel, any heel, just give this girl a stylish pair and she can take on anything that comes her way.

As soon as fall hits, Danielle pulls out her favorite leather jacket. From her New York street style, to her all-black ensembles, she’s always one to make a stylish statement with a bit of an edge.

Lauren can almost always be seen wearing a high-waist, tailored skirt with a perfectly, pressed shirt tucked in. Effortless, classy and simple, adding “If you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’ll exude confidence.”

It’s casual resort/vacation wear every day for Charlotte. Her Bohemian paradise includes comfy shirts with bold prints and bright colors, and never with heels. Only sandals in all styles and colors will do.

Tayler is our artful Tomgirl. She embraces soft, comfy sweaters year-round for her effortless style, mostly because she “hails from the mountains of Utah,” but also because she loves how a sweater ties an outfit all together.

Rachel embodies New England prep school style. She’ll take tailored dresses, button downs and pencil skirts in a variety of textures and colors. So how do you jazz up this outfit? PEARLS. “In fact, I’ve been wearing the same pair of pearl studs for nearly two decades.”

Emily describes herself as ‘eclectic.’ From 5-inch heels to Toms, from modern chic to comic book/Marvel tees, this Bella does it all. A bold lip is a staple item to her alter ego, the “Romanian Vampire.”

And me? I like simple but chic. Less is always more, but rings and heels are a must. Bright colors? No way. I prefer lots of olive green, white and black. You can dress up a simple outfit with a bold lip, cardigan or an oversized bag and always look the part.

And, the one fashion sense we all share?

Coco said it best: “A girl should always be two things: classy and fabulous.”